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Networking/ Router/Access point/WIFI

Speed up your network and Wi-Fi in your home and office and control Wi-Fi by mobile application .

Intercom systems

intercom system is very important for communication outdoor station and indoor station in house, office, industrial level. it can control by mobile application remotely. see more...

Security system and maintenance

Security system is high demand for any home, office, hotel, shop, school and store etc. Owners can secure there property without tension. see more...

FLIR Systems

Inner Range's enterprise-level intelligent, integrated access control system, Integriti, can now integrate with FLIR Latitude and IDIS CCTV, bolstering options for clients around video surveillance. see more...

Salient Systems

“Deep learning” is recently among the more prevalent jargon in the physical security industry, and for good reason. The potential benefits of this subset of artificial intelligence (AI) are vast, and those benefits are only now beginning to be understood and realised. But how can we separate the marketing hype from reality? How can we differentiate between future potential and the current state of the art? To clarify the latest on this new technology, we asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What is “deep learning?” How well does the security industry understand its full potential? see more...

Gallagher Security

A free cyber audit tool has been released to its customers by a global technology leader in integrated access control, intruder alarms management and perimeter protection, in what it believes is an industry first. Gallagher Security has unveiled its Security Health Check (SHC) tool to help its customers identify and understand potential vulnerabilities within their security system. see more...

How we do

How do personal electronics impact what customers expect from security

Goals Edge devices continually get less expensive, smarter, and more feature-rich. Who wants a watch anymore that just tells the time?

Plans These devices communicate with each other and other control devices using standards like BLE or WiFi, making setup and operations super simple

Actions Feature upgrades or bug fixes come quickly and easily over the air. Just a couple of clicks and you have the latest advances, functions, features, and security. see more...

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Who we are

night vision is a security systems and smart control company.


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Kay Hornsby General Manager

Great guys, pleasure to work with. Very prompt and professional. The after care service is brilliant!

Jonathon doe Director, art media

Sergejs and Eoin have now completed two hotel installations for me. I am very pleased with the quality of the overall project.

Wandsworth Art of Hair Salon

own a hair salon in Wandsworth and keeping an eye on my business is difficult when Im not there

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